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"Getting insurance was a piece of cake. Kenny and his team saved my family about two thousand dollars a month, and actually managed to make our policy even better!"
Lexington, KY

How we work

We work for you, not the big insurance carriers. Let us negotiate the best rates on the exact policies you need, not the ones that make them the most money. By doing this, we can get you inside access to the right policies at hidden rates, and pass the savings onto you.

stay home and save

Quick Easy Coverage provides its clients with a fully virtual, no-contact approval process. That means you can get a quote on your home, life, auto, and recreational insurance from a REAL human (not a robot or a call center) from the comfort of your couch.

Already insured? No problem.

Quick Easy Coverage’s Concierge Program takes the hassle out of switching insurance companies by handling the process for you. That means all you have to do is reach out, get a quote, and give us the thumbs up to switch and save you money!

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Lowest policy rates

Most insurance companies negotiate your rates so they can make more money from your business. We do it so we can pass huge savings onto your family.

Customized coverage

Adding another vehicle, home, or member to the family? We search for policies with features that you need, and save you thousands on ones you don't.

No contact. Tons of savings.

Our entire approval process is virtual, from start to finish. That means you never have to go into an office or even lick a postage stamp.

Amazingly responsive

No matter how big or small, your needs are in the right hands. Our award winning support team will advocate for you and guide you through any issue.

Community oriented

Quick Easy Coverage was created with one goal: provide world-class insurance coverage at rates that actually work for families in our area.

Easy to use and switch

Most insurance companies lock you into a policy, no matter how life changes. We can adjust your policies to match your needs at the drop of a hat.

About Quick Easy Coverage

My name is Kenny Richmond, and my purpose and passion is seeing families like yours get the right policy for the right price.

When we do it this way, you end up with more money in your pocket and more peace of mind knowing your family and possessions are safe.

When we first opened our doors to our little office down in Richmond, KY, we had one goal in mind: create a culture where families and homeowners come first, and build a system to pass on savings to stimulate the economy of our little town.

We built that, and since then, we've helped hundreds of families collectively put millions back in their pocket.

I invite you to have a 15 minute, fully virtual, no-obligation-or-sales consultation on how



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